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Knotwork Tutorial-Sample Grids

Below are a few grid examples, using various grid spacing and diamond sizes, plus one in the 3/4 ratio used in some knotwork.   Feel free to download, and use them for computer-based knots, or print and use behind plain paper to allow for "invisible" grids (like calligraphy spacing guides).  Light tables make these guides really nice and easy to use.

Regular Grid

This (vgrid_eq02.pdf) is the grid I've used for most of the samples in his tutorial, using a medium band width (no, this is not a networking pun!).  In this version the dividers are the same width as the bands.

Wide Band Grid

This (vgrid_w01.pdf) uses the same spacing as the first, but smaller diamonds generating wide bands.

Narrow Band Grid

This (vgrid_n01.pdf) uses the same spacing as the first, but larger diamonds generating narrow bands.

Doubled (Lindisfarne-style) Grid

This (vgrid_dtest02.pdf) is the grid I've been using for experiments in "doubled" knotwork.  See the Line Treatments-- Doubling section in the Knotwork Construction Tutorial for information and instructions.

"Pictish" Grid

This (vgrid34_eq02.pdf) grid attempts to lay out a non-square 4/3 ratio cell space.

Have Fun, and Good Luck!

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