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The images (tiled panels and borders) are organized by the Celtic technique used to create them:

Each page contains both borders (used to separate parts of a page) and panels (that "tile" to form seamless Web page or window backgrounds). Each page is then divided into sections by the underlying original pattern used. For example, several panels and borders are based on a pattern from the Book of Lindisfarne folio 95 and the Book of Kells folio 124R. The basic pattern looks like:

The Knotwork page includes several clip-art images based on this underlying pattern, followed by images from another pattern and so on. The annotation includes the original, primary source for each design, and provides as much background as possible. If the pattern was found pre-analyzed in a secondary source document, the document reference is included--see the Tutorial Bibliography for the list of source documents.

All the images in these pages are either 256 color Graphic Interchange Format (.GIF), Portable Network Graphics (.PNG), or Joint Photographic Experts Group format (.JPG) files. For convenience, the backgrounds and panels found in this collection are all included in the archive.

Visual Source Index

You may review image/clip art materials on this site using the Visual Source Index below. Please click on any of the links shown to see clip art from the site using the pattern associated with a particular artifact.

Aberlemno Stone

Front cross arms:

Keywork Tile 4

Cross center roundel:

Spiral Tile 1
Spiral Tile 2
Combination Tile 3

Alskog Stone

From the front of the stone, Gotland (Sweden):

Knotwork Tile 33

Ardagh Brooch

Simplest of what [Meehan2] refers to as the "spiral knots"--found many places:

Knotwork Tile 22
Knotwork Border 2
Circular Tile 16

Also found on Monifeith Stone:

Knotwork Tile 7
Knotwork Border 4

Ardagh Chalice

From the border of the chalice:

Spiral Tile 3

Simplified version of another part of the border:

Spiral TIle 9

Barrochan Stone

Key pattern attributed in [Allen] to several sources, including a stone in Barrochan, Scotland:

Keywork Tile 10

Book of Durrow

Folio 3v:

Spiral Tile 13

Folio 86r:

Knotwork Tile 14

Eagle evangelist page, Folio 94r:

Knotwork Tile 30
Circular Tile 20

Folio 124v; the left and right vertical border of the page:

Knotwork Tile 36

Folio 125v (Plate 6):

Knotwork Tile 15
Other/Combination Border 2
Knotwork Tile 3

Folio 129r:

Circular Tile 13

Various folios, and also known as the "Celtic Lovers Knot":

Knotwork Tile 13
Knotwork Border 5
Circular Tile 8

Various folios:

Knotwork Tile 26

Folio unknown:

Knotwork Tile 29

Book of Kells

Keywork from a roundel on Folio 2v:

Keywork Tile 12
Circular Tile 24

Folio 2v, 129v, and 290v:

Knotwork Tile 21

Folio 3r, right hand column:

Knotwork Tile 23

Folios 3r, 4r:

Knotwork Tile 25
Knotwork Border 7
Circular Tile 9

Folio 27v:

Keywork Tile 1
Circular Tile 14

Folio 27v, on a panel on the left page border:

Knotwork Tile 39

Folio 28v, from a roundel:

Spiral Tile 17

Folio 29:

Spiral Border 2
Circular Tile 10
Circular Tile 11
Circular Tile 23

Folio 32v, from a panel:

Spiral Tile 18

Folio 34r, from a panel:

Knotwork Tile 40

Folio 114v:

Knotwork Tile 16
Circular Tile 22

Folio 114v, and many others:

Knotwork Tile 17

Folio 124v (Capital T and other panels):

Knotwork Tile 4
Knotwork Tile 20
Circular Tile 19
Circular Tile 21

Folio 202v, on both the left and right vertical borders:

Knotwork Tile 38

Folio 290v, similar to the Woodwray Stone design:

Knotwork Tile 6

Folio 291v.

Combination Tile 6

Various folios:

Keywork Border 1
Keywork Tile 3
Combination Border 1

Unknown folio:

Spiral Border 1
Spiral Border 3
Keywork Border 2
Keywork Tile 6
Combination Border 2
Spiral Tile 8
Spiral Tile 10
Spiral Tile 11
Spiral Tile 12

Book of Lindisfarne

Border from Folio 2v:

Knotwork Tile 42

Theme from Folio 11v:

Knotwork Tile 28
Knotwork Border 8
Circular Tile 1
Circular Border 2
Combination Tile 3

Folio 13r, border:

Other/Combination Tile 13

Folios 13r, 14v:

Triangular Tile 16

Folio 13v:

Knotwork Tile 23

Folios 13v, 14r, and 95r:

Knotwork Tile 24
Knotwork Border 6
Circular Tile 25

Folio 13v, and many others:

Knotwork Tile 22
Knotwork Border 2

Folio 26v, border:

Other/Combination Tile 14

Folios F27r (center), 2v, 94v:

Knotwork Tile 11
Knotwork Border 3

Folio 27r, right side:

Knotwork Tile 5

Folio 27r, bottom border:

Other/Combination Tile 15

Folio 27r (and others):

Knotwork Tile 4
Knotwork Border 1
Combination Tile 4

Folios 94v, and 95r:

Knotwork Tile 26

Folio 95r. Considered popular motif in Lindisfarne:

Knotwork Tile 25
Knotwork Border 7
Circular Tile 9

Keywork from a panel on the bottom of Folio 95r:

Keywork Tile 13
Circular Tile 18

Folios 95r, 211r, and others:

Knotwork Tile 41

Folio 138v, background panels:

Other/Combination Tile 11

Folio 139r, background panels:

Other/Combination Tile 12

Folio 210v:

Knotwork Tile 21
Knotwork Tile 19

Bore-Stone of Gask

From the font of the stone:

Circular Tile 4
Triangular Tile 7
Combination Tile 4

Britford Stone

From the decorated slab making up the north archway of the Church of St. Peter, Britford, Wiltshire:

Circular Tile 4
Triangular Tile 4

Cadboll Stone

Based on Hilton of Cadboll Stone (front) pair of roundels:

Circular Tile 2
Circular Tile 15

David Lampas Silk

From a fragment of a lampas textile:

Knotwork Tile 35

Dunfallandy Stone

Front, center of the cross:

Triangular Border 1
Triangular Tile 5
Triangular Tile 15
Circular Tile 32

Durham Gospels

AII.10, folio 3v:

Knotwork Tile 27
Knotwork Border 9

Golden Grove Stone

From the stone in Carmarthenshire, Wales (also called Merlin's Stone):

Keywork Tile 5

Govan Stone

From a carved cross at the Govban Old Parish Church:

Triangular Tile 1
Triangular Tile 8

Gracey Chalice

Based on [Meehan5] page 142, figure 89, originally from the Gracey Chalice:

Spiral Tile 16

Great Wheel-Cross of Corbelin

Front of stone cross, Margram Abbey, Glamorganshire:

Knotwork Tile 31

Hermitage Inkwell

From the front of a Persian bronze inkwell, engraved, inlaid in silver and copper, in the Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg:

Circular Tile 17

Hitchin Hanging Bowl

See [Meehan5] page 141, figure 88:

Spiral Tile 15

Inchcolm Stone

Key pattern from the Inchcolm Stone, Fife:

Keywork Tile 11

Lärbro Stone

Front of Viking carved stone, Gotland, Sweden:

Knotwork Tile 32

Lastigham Cross

Center roundel:

Circular Tile 3

Leek Stone

From the standing stone, plus many others:

Knotwork Tile 23
Circular Tile 13
Combination Tile 8

Maiden Stone

Also called "Double Stafford Knot":

Knotwork Tile 18

Margam Stone

Key pattern from the base of the Margam Stone number 7, Glamorgan:

Keywork Tile 14

Meigle Stone

Also known as the "Celtic Lovers Knot":

Knotwork Tile 13
Knotwork Border 5
Circular Tile 8
Combination Tile 7

Plus the Farr Stone, other Pictish stones and manuscripts:

Spiral Tile 4

From keywork on the front of the stone:

Keywork Tile 9
Circular Tile 26

Monifeith Stone

Also found on Ardagh Broach:

Knotwork Tile 7
Knotwork Border 4
Combination Border 1
Combination Border 3

Monymusk Reliquary

Simplest of what [Meehan2] refers to as the "spiral knots"-found on many artifacts:

Knotwork Tile 22
Knotwork Border 2

Nigg Stone

Similar to one on Kells Folio 29V:

Keywork Border 3
Keywork Tile 7
Combination Tile 1
Combination Tile 2
Combination Tile 5
Circular Tile 28

Front, base of cross:

Keywork Tile 2

Nishapur Conical Bowl

From a 10th C. pottery bowl from from Northeastern Iran:

Circular Tile 27

Norham Stone

Back panel. Similar to one on Lindisfarne Folio 27:

Knotwork Tile 5

Rosemarkie Stone

Also known as the Rosemarkie Cross. From the front, cross center:

Triangular Border 2
Triangular Tile 6
Triangular Tile 17

Key pattern from the Rosemarkie Stone:

Keywork Tile 16
Circular Tile 29

Satchel of Breac Maodhog

From the front flap:

Knotwork Tile 34

St. Andrews Stone

From the Cross shaft:

Keywork Border 4
Circular Tile 30

Back of cross-slab fragment 21:

Keywork Tile 8

St. Chad's Gospels

Folio 221:

Knotwork Tile 25
Knotwork Border 7
Circular Tile 9

St. Vigean's Stone

Front of Stone Number 1:

Knotwork Tile 9

Side of Stone Number 1:

Knotwork Tile 10

Back of Stone Number 1, top:

Circular Tile 7
Triangular Tile 3
Triangular Tile 9

Side of Stone Number 1 (also on Kells Folio 8r):

Knotwork Tile 43

Strathmartin Stone

From the front of the cross slab:

Triangular Tile 11
Circular Tile 31

From another panel on the stone front:

Triangular Tile 14

Tarbat Stone

Compare pattern with Lindisfarne F27 above, located at: Knotwork Tile 11:

Knotwork Tile 12

Based on a multi-radius spiral from the front:

Spiral Tile 5
Spiral Tile 6

Topkapi Museum Library Frontispiece

From the frontispiece border:

Knotwork Tile 37

Ulbster Stone

Horizontal ends of the cross on the front, and forming the cross on the back of the stone:

Circular Tile 5
Circular Border 1
Triangular Border 3
Triangular Tile 2
Combination Tile 1
Combination Tile 2
Combination Tile 5
Combination Tile 6

Vertical ends of the cross on the front of the stone:

Circular Tile 6
Triangular Tile 10

Woodwray Stone

Similar to one on the Nigg Stone and Kells 290V:

Knotwork Tile 6

Unknown Original Source

First try at Durrow 125V. See above for correct pattern:

Knotwork Tile 2

Based on R. Allen "Foundation Knot" No. 2:

Knotwork Tile 1

[Meehan2] refers to these as "Spiral Knots":

Knotwork Tile 8

From a now-unavailable "Viking Age Knotwork Borders" website. May be similar to a border in the Book of Kells, but will take more research:

Knotwork Tile 44

Key pattern from Early Christian Monuments, by J. Romilly Allen, Pattern 986.

Keywork Tile 15

A simple equilateral triangle design common (as a space filler or accent) to most Insular Celtic sources:

Triangular Tile 12

Aiden Meehan's Triagular Knot 9 from [Meehan2].

Triangular Tile 13

Original spiral pattern:

Spiral Tile 7

From A. Meehan (in [Meehan5] page 138, figure 85.d):

Spiral Tile 14

Original design, inspired by spirals found on the Tarbat Stone:

Spiral Tile 19

Using Images from this Site

Hope you enjoy and can use some of these in your own work! If you do, please download them rather than linking. Also, please acknowledge the source and provide a back link to my main home page:


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